Our Lord's Passion, Death, and Resurrection

For the first time the whole story of Our Lord's Passion, Death and the Glorious Resurrection is told in one simple yet strikingly powerful image that can be carried on a processional cross,
can fit on a small cross intended for a desk, or a livingroom wall,
or can be as large as fit for our churches and cathedrals.

The image presented here is colorful and postmodern, made of light weight
laser cut aluminum; we will be also offering a more conservative version of the design cast in bronze, with only minimal coloring for more traditional spaces,
and of course for large permanently installed crosses the materials can be
varied materials, including stainless steel, bronze and glass.
The processional cross will be offered in two sizes, with
a wall mounting brace and an optional floor stand.
This is a limited edition and also, because we believe our art should be "Made in USA", please call early to reserve your version of the cross at our special, pre-release price.