Living on the Baltic Sea coast accounts for my involvement in sports sailing crowned with a professional license of an "ocean going skipper" and instructor. I don't remember what being an altar boy taught me, but it was fun at times; I was more than anything interested in nuclear physics until the age of 18 when my art teacher finally, at the eleventh hour of my high school, got me interested in art.

Academy of fine Art in Cracow and nearby Katowice followed for the next 7 or so years, I graduated with an MFA in painting and printmaking, with a minor in sculpture. I loved color, but daydreamed of being a sculptor. I didn't know it would take another 20 years to fuse all these into a coherent new quality it should be easy to see how I had not other choice, but to "discover" art glass for myself one day, among other things.

In 1976, still in art school in Cracow I got involved in a pro-democracy student underground movement, which led me directly to active participation in the 1980 labor strikes and the Solidarity movement. I became a local leader in the movement and as such one of 37 members of the National Committee of Solidarity with Lech Walesa at our head.After the memorable crack down by the communist regime in December of 1981, I spent 5 months in jail and was "encouraged" to leave the country, which brought me to St. Louis, Missouri in 1983 as a political refugee.Professionally I have worked as a studio artist since 1978, since the day I graduated from art school. Most of my work are commissions from institutions, religious congregations, churches and individuals.


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